Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Attracting Surrogate Clients to India

Every year (with the exception of last year) I take my staff to a new place for a Christmas/Festivus dinner and a chance to see one of our hospital partners.  In 2007, it was Tijuana to visit our dental partners, Dr Quintinella, and then the Angeles Hospital.  For dinner we decided to go to the renowned Rosarito Lobster Village called Lorenzellos and had reservations for the 14 of us.  No soon did we pull up to the main drag where our restaurant was that our limo was surrounded by people at least two dozen of them, banging on the limo, trying to persuade us to eat at THEIR restaurant instead of the one we had the reservations to.  It was like something out of a zombie movie, we found it hilarious but we dare not stop or open the door. I mean if M Night Shyamalan were to make a zombie film with Will Ferrell, this would be the audience reaction he would be going for. We fortunately reached Lorenzellos, glad that the driver did not run over one of the Latino lobster shrilling zombies, and enjoyed our festivus meal (they even made vegan lobster for one of us).  I had asked our maitre 'd about the incident and he tells me that these "dinner wranglers" are paid $2.00 for every patron they bring through the door.  "No salary?" I ask dumbfounded?  "Nope, no salary just $2 per patron, which is then tacked onto the patron's meal anyways.  Wow, what a way to earn a living!  "Sadly though they do succeed."  According to the Maitre D'.  "But we will never do that, we are Lorenzellos, we have been doing this for the last 40 years and if good quality and great service is important to them they will find us, if they just want a cheap meal, those hustlers can oblige."

So, now that India has banned surrogacy for all but hetero couples who are married for two years, these couples may experience what we did back in Rosarito in '07.  If you fit the category and you approach more than two surrogacy companies, you will be cyber-mobbed by the Indian surrogacy nazis.  So I decided that we will not target you with our marketing dollars. When it comes to Indian surrogacy, we will be Lorenzellos.  If you want the assistance of a company that pioneered surrogacy in India and knows it way around the legalities of the process then we here at will provide you with the impeccable service that many of our clients praise us for and use our experience to guide you.  We will also provide you with options in Mexico, Thailand and Panama.  We understand what you need and what you are looking for and it is our pleasure to make it happen stres free, and we will even throw in a free pizza for you (click here to see what the heck we are talking about).

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