Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Surrogacy Mexico is taking off

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As pioneers of surrogacy, we wish we thought of sending people to Mexico for surrogacy a long time ago.  We first explored it in 2010 but were told it was not possible, that is until I learned about a senator in Mexico who had a child through surrogacy IN Mexico.  Once I learned about this, I quickly started to explore this avenue further and learned about the only state that offered it -- Tobasco.

I hired an awesome attorney who helped me navigate the intricacies of Mexican surrogacy and I initially met with a company that I thought I would do business with.  I met a fellow named Carlo Rosillo and his brother.  When we met them we were told we had to hire a notary for $5,000 to get the process started and that the surrogate had to be paid $25,000 of which we would pay $1500/month for the first 9 months and then the balance when the parents had legal possession of the child.  By the time we had dinner with them, the rate turned to $7,500 for the "notary fees" and the entire $25,000 had to be paid over 9 months.  I am sure most of that went to these two clowns that my partner dubbed the "gangster brothers." Undaunted we started exploring on our own. and by December 1, we had all the pieces in place and were going to launch on Feb 1, 2013. 

And then suddenly the INDIAN SURROGACY BAN HAPPENED on December 18th and we were so tempted to introduce surrogacy in Mexico as an alternative to India.  It was kinda scary at first we were not ready and we did not want to announce it till were ready and so we waited till February 1 2013 to announce our foray into surrogacy in Mexico.  For the most part we have been blessed with good fortune thanks to our preparedness.  But fools are rushing in.  One of the first vendors we got rid of was Dr Adrian Flores who basically have an office that has a desk and an icebox!   Dr Adrian of Insemer was supposed to do our surrogate recruitment and prep but five out of five surrogates did not get pregnant and we cut him off completely.  He has one surrogate pregnant but that surrogate NEVER HAD CHILDREN OF HER OWN!!!  So it begs the question what kind of recruitment are they doing? We told them to send surrogates to Cancun by flight but they took our money for airfare and put her on a bus.  We presumed that they did a psychological screening of the surrogate but it turned out that one of the surrogates was telling our coordinator that her friends were going to throw a baby shower for her once she got pregnant,  As soon as we heard that we sent that surrogate packing! Why?  Because this surrogate was not counselled properly about not having any relationship with this child -- so why was she wanting a shower for a child that would not belong to her!?  

We have no doubt that Adrian and Insemer will start a surrogacy company of their own and they will probably undercut us initially but soon they will learn that without real and happy pregnant clients, the ability to attract clients diminish.  We are very excited by the promise that Mexican surrogacy brings but we are also scared about the fools that will rush in to make a quick buck -- just like India all over again! And we will do everything we can to prevent that from happening -- even if it means naming names!

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  1. I am curious to know how things are going for your intended parents in Mexico. I would also like to know your thoughts on the stats quoted by docs in India on the success for intended parents in India. I did a small segments on PBS and I see that I am bing maligned as you were by the same person. Please let me know who your international attorney is.